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I made this collage to demonstrate how fostering pets rescued from shelters is powerful for getting them adopted into excellent, forever homes!

The 3 dogs represented (clockwise from top left) are Blessing, Banjo, and Brandon. They were all rescued from a low budget animal control shelter.    I fostered them in my home over the course of a year.

The photos (smaller pictures next to each painting) were posted on by the shelter. The fear each dog felt is apparent in their body language  - and it did not make them attractive to anyone searching the website. Blessing (top left) had fallen out of the back of a pickup truck and was in the shelter for a week without medical attention. His face was so swollen he looked like a mastiff, and his pain and misery was evident in his expression.

I painted the watercolors (large and center) of each dog from photos taken 1-5 days after they had been fed, loved, and cared for in our home. I was flooded with enquiries from potential adopters who saw these photos posted on Petfinder...

Fostering pets helps save lives - Please consider becoming a pet foster parent!

Be sure to foster via a reputable rescue group and get help and support throughout the whole process, especially screening applicants. 
Never, ever give an animal away cost-free to anyone - if they can't afford an adoption fee they can't afford pet food or vet bills
Also, some people do not have the best interests of the animal in mind  - so don't be fooled by sweet talk - conduct a home visit and charge an adoption fee!


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