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Starting with my first dog and Pet Partner, Tessa, I have learned the amazing, unconditional contribution that animals make to people who are ill, dying, alone - or all the above.

                                                 Hello My Friend

Pamberi, Murungu, and Nyuchi have followed in Tessa's footsteps as hospice volunteers, licensed through
Pet Partners (formerly the Delta Society).

I painted this Pet Therapy collection to depict the connection that animals develop with their clients, and how important the Human-Animal Bond is to all involved.

Giclee (digital) prints of most paintings are available, as well as notecards of the images. Contact us to place an order

Please note that these images are low resolution for the website and not representative of the quality of the prints

Sharing Secrets

A Strong, Warm Hug
A Strong, Warm Hug

Patience & Delight                                    Resting Together

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