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Capture the Spirit and Likeness of your Beloved One/s with an exclusive, commissioned watercolor portrait! 

Mildred_the_Potter_(177x200)I love to paint humans, dogs, cats, horses, and flowers. 

Pet reptiles and tarantulas? 

I bet I can capture them on paper also...

                    Mildred the Potter

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Email  Diana Roberts:

How do you commission a portrait?

1. I paint primarily from photos to ensure a good likeness, but if possible I like to meet the subject/s first.

2. You provide a photograph or I take pictures ($40 charge) if you don’t have pictures or their quality is inadequate.

3. You choose the size of picture you want (see price list below) and pay 1/3 of the price up front as a deposit.

4. While I have never had a dissatisfied client I cannot guarantee you will like the finished artwork. If you did not like the completed painting I would keep the picture and the deposit. 

5. Copyright laws specify that although you own the painting you may not reproduce it any way without my permission.


Youthful_Intensity* Prices  are for the painting only, sales tax (in WA) is extra. 

I also offer a framing service in the classic watercolor style, using museum-quality, conservation (acid-free) mounts. 

Please hang your painting away from direct sunlight. While I use the best quality materials, paintings may deteriorate if exposed to sunlight, fluorescent light, moisture, or heat.

                        Youthful Intensity

 John Baker

Collection of Marilyn Trail.

“Diana captured the radiance, humor, and intelligence of my late husband John… Her rendition shines with personality and life.  We were all astonished at the image which fairly reaches out with love.” — M.T.

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