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xtesAnimals and Art have been part of my life for as long as I can remember!

In my paintings I strive to capture the beauty and poignancy of interactions amongst humans, animals, and the land. 

I painted the “pet therapy” watercolors to depict the restorative energy of therapy animals and the comforting relationships they build with their human clients. On a personal level these paintings are a tribute to my own pet partners; Tessa, Pamberi, Murungu, and Nyuchi.

My first pet partner, Tessa, truly loved her work and she radiated love to everyone she met in the hospitals we visited. 


Tessa also taught our cat, Pamberi, to reach out patiently to those needing his attention.

My current cat and dog, Nyuchi and Murungu, offer love and comfort to terminally ill people as hospice volunteers. 

I'm the chauffeur!


As part of a local dog dance troupe, the Ruff Revue, Murungu loves to entertain people who need a "dog fix"

Even a simple landscape reaches out with spirit and connects me with what I see and breathe...

Diana Roberts

Cat's Whisker Art

...was the inspiration of my first cat, Shupa.

Never having lived with a cat before, I took him hiking and camping. He enjoyed it like a dog would, and even brought me breakfast in bed - two dead mice laid out neatly, side-by-side right next to my sleeping bag

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